Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

This line of research studies soil fertility and plant nutrition of numerous crops, as well as the regeneration of agricultural soils degraded and salinated by the excessive use of synthetic fertilizers. The use of organic bio-fertilizers made from agricultural and livestock by-products (slurry, whey from cheese dairies, manure) and solid organic matter with appropriate processing as a source of minerals for crops is encouraged.


The research line of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition of IPNA has extensive experience in crops of great interest to our islands such as avocado, papaya, pineapple, papaya, banana, vine, mango, tomatoes, ornamental plants (proteas), etc. Over the years it has established a strong link with the island of La Palma, developing projects to promote agriculture in crops such as bananas, avocados or proteas and highlighting the importance of sustainable models for the conservation of the natural wealth of the island.

This line has an external support service, the Soil Fertility Service (SFS), which analyses the chemical properties of soils for agricultural use, nutrients in plant material (fruits, leaves, flowers, stems, roots), compost of different origins, compost teas, slurry.