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Spanish Law 25/2013, of 27 December, on the implementation of electronic invoicing and the creation of an accounting register of invoices for the public sector (BOE 28 December 2013, Law 25/2013, of 27 December ), establishes a series of obligations relating to the contents and the process of sending invoices issued by suppliers of goods and services to the public administrations with which they have legal relations, including the CSIC.

In its management for 2015, CSIC has established that from 15 January 2015 the invoices issued by suppliers must be in electronic format (e-invoice) and sent through the General Invoice Entry Point of the General State Administration (FACe)

It is compulsory for invoices over 5,000 euros and recommended for all others, as this guarantees the reception, follow-up and compliance with the regulations on payment to suppliers. The precise data for its telematic presentation is enclosed in the attached file.

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