María del Sol
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María del Sol Rodríguez Morales

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Chemistry of Bioactive Natural and Synthetic Products
Natural Products Synthesis

This tenured scientist has carried out her research work in the field of free radicals, synthesis of natural products and in transformations of carbohydrates. The research has been developed in the laboratory founded by Research Prof. Ernesto Suárez and in a two-year postdoctoral stay under the direction of Prof. Barry M. Trost at Stanford University (California, USA). The researcher has extensive experience in the generation of radicals focused on oxygen and subsequent β-fragmentation reaction; which led her to write (as a co-author) a chapter of a book, related to this topic (Suárez, E.; Rodriguez, M. S. β-Fragmentation of Alkoxyl Radicals: Synthetic Applications. In Radicals in Organic Synthesis; Renaud, P., Sibi, MP, Eds.; Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH: Weinheim, Germany, 2001; Vol. 2, pp 440–454). She has been part of the SIPN research team in thirteen projects of which ten are national projects, being the main researcher in a national project. In addition, she was Associate Professor at the University of La Laguna for six years and Tenure Professor at that University for eight years.

Her publications are collected in journals with a high impact index of the SCI, located within the first and second quartiles of the corresponding specialization area. She has participated in different national and international congresses, related to her Research topics. In addition, she has been part of the COST Action CM1201: "Biomimetic Radical Chemistry "participating in working group 4 "Bio-inspired Synthetic Strategies", a European action with the participation of more than twenty countries.

Research Interests

Organic Chemistry, Natural Products, Organic Synthesis, Radicals, Radical Fragmentation

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Sciences, University of La Laguna (1985)
  • Ph.D., Chemistry (Research Prof. E. Suárez), University of La Laguna (1989)
  • Postdoctoral Research (Prof. B. M.Trost), Stanford University, USA (1989-1991)
Professional Experience
  • Tenured Scientist of Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología of the CSIC (2006-present)
  • Tenured Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Organic Chemistry, University of La Laguna (1997-2006)
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Organic Chemistry, University of La Laguna (1991-1997)
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