In memory of Pauline Agnew (Poly)

Today we say goodbye to a great person and the best of colleagues, Pauline Agnew (Poly). While she had been retired for several years and we did not benefit from her presence so often, Poly left a mark on all of us who were lucky enough to know and work with her.

This Irish woman, who always carried her origins with pride, arrived in Tenerife at a very young age, where she settled down and raised a large family of which she was the heart and soul. This did not prevent her from developing her professional career, as she worked in our centre. Besides administrative tasks, she proofread and improved the scientific English of our publications before sending them to the publisher for evaluation, a fundamental support task for our research. Once Poly had checked it, we were ready to send it out.

As a result of this good work, we improved our English while she, willing to learn and curious, was able to proofread our chemical mistakes. At all times eager to help, always a smile on her face and an endearing greeting "hello dear..." as she walked through the corridors.

Thank you for so many good memories, your humanity and your sense of humour. We will always remember you fondly.