Scientific Christmas 2020 in Canary Islands

The event will take place on Friday, December 18, 2020, and will consist of three online presentations that researchers from different areas of IPNA-CSIC will offer to students in the last years of secondary and high school and during school hours through the Nubii platform, provided by the Technical Secretariat of the ACIISI. 

The proposed talks can be followed in the following links: 
9:00 - "From IPNA. What can chemistry do for you", given by the Director of the IPNA, Dr. Juan Ignacio Padrón Peña.
10:00 - "The circle of life and microalgae", given by Dr. Antonio Hernández Daranas.
11:00 - "Science and invasive species: the subterranean termite in Tenerife", by Dr. David Hernández Teixidor.

Navidades Científicas en Canarias 2020