Biotic and Abiotic Stress Tolerance Inducers

The Group of Agrobiotechnology arries out research in the field of Chemical Activators of Plant Defences, directed by Dr. Andrés Borges. The group collaborates intensively with the company Manvert, S.L. Together, they develop new formulations based on natural products capable of inducing resistance to (biotic) pathogens and pests, as well as to abiotic environmental stress factors such as salinity and drought, always in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Inductores de Tolerancia al Estrés Biótico y Abiótico
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Natural Products
Advanced nutrients
Entidad con la que se colabora


Manvert is a company with its own technology dedicated to the research, development and production of nutrients and bio-stimulants for the agricultural sector. The products resulting from this technology have enabled the development of solutions that are applied to plants more efficiently, with maximum crop yield.

In recent years, Manvert has licensed the exclusive exploitation rights of 3 patents invented by the research group. One of these technologies is based on a new compound that has been shown to be particularly effective in controlling the insects Trioza erytreae and Diapharoina citri, vectors of the bacteria (Candidatus liberibacter) that cause Huanglongbing disease (HLB). This is considered the most destructive disease currently affecting citrus crops worldwide. Currently, the patent has been extended internationally to five countries, which will make it possible for new commercial formulations to be launched this year on the national and international market.

Recently, the company was recently awarded funding under the Torres Quevedo programme. This facilitates hiring a researcher to carry out studies in controlled and field conditions with new formulations capable of increasing resistance to biotic and abiotic stress in crops of economic interest. This project is developed in close collaboration with the IPNA, with the aim of maximizing technology transfer from basic research guided by Manvert's extensive experience in the sector.