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Joan Roura Expósito

Técnico Especializado
Life and Earth Sciences
Social Sciences, Heritage and Food

Joan Roura-Expósito holds a Diploma in Physical Education Teaching from the University of Girona (2013), a Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (2010) and a Master's Degree in Anthropology and Ethnography from the University of Barcelona (2013). As a researcher, he has worked on various topics in the Plurinational State of Bolivia (indigenism, migrations and sport) in his master's thesis "Los ultimitos quechuas aquí estamos", which was awarded the highest mark by the examining board. He has also conducted research on urban anthropology and food heritage in Catalonia, in the book: "Entre el celler i la taverna: un recorregut per les bodegues de barri de la ciutat de Barcelona" (2018). In the last four years, he has held an FPI contract at INCPIT-CSIC (Institute of Heritage Sciences) to develop his PhD dissertation on the meanings, uses and effects of social participation in heritage, which he will be defending in the coming months. This research has led to the publication of dozens of articles in international journals, as well as a second book entitled: "The imperative of participation in heritage management" (2019). He has now joined the IPNA with a contract within the project "Cider in the Canary Islands: culture, consumption, governance and typification of a unique product" to develop the ethnographic study in the field.

Research Interests

Patrimonio, participación, movimientos sociales

  • Máster en Antropología y Etnografía (2013)
  • Licenciatura en Antropología Social y Cultural (2010)
  • Diplomatura en Magisterio de Educación Física (2007)
Professional Experience
  • Contrato FPI en el Incipit-CSIC
  • Miembro de la Asociación Gallega de Antropología (Agantro)
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